Zire 31 working with Dapper anyone ?

Dave S kubuntu at pusspaws.net
Thu Jun 1 19:18:19 BST 2006

Hi all,

I installed Dapper on a new hard drive about 5 months ago, Dapper was still 
pretty buggy then and I could not sync with my Palm Zire 31, something Breezy 
does flawlessly and something I badly need so I wiped Dapper and installed 

Time passed, I updated to Dapper, about 10 days ago my Zire 31 PDA would sync 
via jpilot no problem :) ahh I though, problem solved. After numerous apt-get 
upgrade's it now refuses to sync via jpilot or come to that kpilot.

I do not get an error, the apps just wait there trying to talk to the PDA and 
eventually timeout, ttyUSB0/1 are generated when I press the hot sync button 
on my Zire31 they have the correct permissions, /var/log/messages shows the 
Zire is there, lsmod shows the visor module. jpilot and kpilot are pointing 
to the correct /dev/ttyUSB1.

I have checked malone but no one else seems to have reported this as a 

If anyone else has a Zire31 reliably talking to Dapper please let me know and 
I will dig deeper.

If anyone else has the same problem I will file a bug report.

Please let me know :)



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