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Nigel Ridley nigel at rmk.co.il
Thu Jun 1 15:12:56 BST 2006

C Hamel wrote:
> On Wednesday 31 May 2006 23:48, Nigel Ridley <nigel at rmk.co.il> wrote:
>>Date: Thu, 01 Jun 2006 07:05:10 +0300
>>From: Nigel Ridley <nigel at rmk.co.il>
>>Subject: Changing permissions on usb devices
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>>I just got a usb scanner working under dapper by manually changing the
>>permissions on /proc/bus/usb/001 and /proc/bus/usb/002
>>I have the feeling that when I reboot the permissions will revert to
>>their original state.
>>In the sane (scanner software) docs thee is mention of a hotplug script
>>which takes care of the problem but I can't find it anywhere.
>>Anybody know how to keep the permissions on /proc/bus/usb/001 and
>>/proc/bus/usb/002 ?
> There are at least two ways:
> 1. create a boot.local file in /etc/init.d & add that statement.  Put a 
> symlink to the file in /etc/rcS.d

Could you explain how to do it verbatim - I'm a bit unfamiliar with 
those kind of things :-(

> 2.  create a udev rule which takes care of it all.
> 3.  change fstab for the usbfs:
> none  		/proc/bus/usb  	usbfs  	defaults,devmode=[your permissions]
> Argueably, the first way is the easiest & allows for additions (I have set up 
> several things, there).
> FWIW...




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