problem foomatic (epson rx620)

karl vanwynsberghe karl.vanwynsberghe at
Mon Jul 31 14:24:06 UTC 2006

I have a problem installing my epson printer (RX620)

When i try to install the printer by using the System settings, Printers, 
Add... and selecting the proper driver i receive a error message.
(And the printer doesn't work...)

Driver selection;
Epson Stylus Photo RX620 (Foomatic + gutenprint) [recommended]

Error message;
Unable to load the requested driver:
Unable to create the Foomatic driver [Epson-Stylus_Photo_RX620,gutenprint]. 
Either that driver does not exist, or you don't have the required permissions 
to perform that operation.

I've checked the foomatic packages...
=> conflict: foomatic-bin < 2.9
=> conflict: foomatic-db < 2.9
=> replaces: foomatic-bin < 2.9

Could that be the problem and how can i resolve this one?
(I tried to install in administrator mode)

Thancks for the help!


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