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Howard Coles Jr. dhcolesj at
Sun Jul 30 04:54:51 UTC 2006

On Saturday 29 July 2006 9:45 pm, Robert T. Yu wrote:
> OK, I have two computers: XP Pro and XP Pro/
> dual-boot mode.
> My XP Pro machine can see and access the Home
> directory Samba share on Kubuntu/Windows XP. However,
> it cannot access the other Samba shares when my
> Windows XP/Kubuntu machine is on Kubntu mode. Notice
> that I set to advanced sharing on my Kubuntu/Windows
> XP machine.
> My Kubuntu/Windows Xp machine, however, can access my
> Windows XP shares no problem. I can read as well as
> write. It's just my Windows XP computer that's having
> problem.
> On my Windows XP/Kubuntu machine, I shared somethings
> from my Windows drive, namely My Documents and stuff I
> downloaded in Windows, all shared in Kubuntu mode.
> Basically, I shared stuff in /media/sda1 and
> /media/sda6... is this allowed?

The problem is more than likely in how the windows shares are mounted when you 
are booted into KUbuntu.  More than likely only root has access to the 
non-native windows volumes you are mounting.  I wish off the top of my head I 
knew how to change this, but the best I could do was edit my fstab as 
follows:  (NOTE:  /dev/hda1 is my windows partitions):

/dev/hda1       /winxp          vfat    defaults,utf8,umask=007,gid=46   0   0

Putting this in your fstab may not be the best way to do it and I may be WAY 
off on answering your question, but I hope I'm helping some.  However, I do 
think that sharing the Windows partitions can be done via SAMBA, unless maybe 
they're NTFS, then I'm not sure.

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Howard Coles Jr.
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