Samba Help, pleease!

Robert T. Yu bobbyyu1 at
Sun Jul 30 02:45:36 UTC 2006

OK, I have two computers: XP Pro and XP Pro/
dual-boot mode.

My XP Pro machine can see and access the Home
directory Samba share on Kubuntu/Windows XP. However,
it cannot access the other Samba shares when my
Windows XP/Kubuntu machine is on Kubntu mode. Notice
that I set to advanced sharing on my Kubuntu/Windows
XP machine.

My Kubuntu/Windows Xp machine, however, can access my
Windows XP shares no problem. I can read as well as
write. It's just my Windows XP computer that's having

On my Windows XP/Kubuntu machine, I shared somethings
from my Windows drive, namely My Documents and stuff I
downloaded in Windows, all shared in Kubuntu mode.

Basically, I shared stuff in /media/sda1 and
/media/sda6... is this allowed?

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