Mounting removable drives

Michael Hirsch mdhirsch at
Sat Jul 29 22:56:30 UTC 2006

On 7/27/06, John L Fjellstad <john-ubuntu at> wrote:
> "Michael Hirsch" <mdhirsch at> writes:
> > I guess this  makes some sense, but I don't understand why the devices
> > are created until I request them.  I expected them to be created at
> > insertion time.
> >
> > I keep wondering if there is a package I am missing for doing hotplug,
> > or something.
> Do you have hal installed?

No, I don't.  Should I?  My impression was that it was part of ubuntu
that isn't needed for a pure Kubuntu installation.

I can install it if that's what I need.


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