Opera 9 Java problems.

Priyadarsan Roy priyadarsanroy at gmail.com
Sat Jul 29 07:26:36 UTC 2006

Hi list,

Has anybody tried Opera 9 in Kubuntu. Looks cool. I have a problem with 
java in it. I read all the instructions to get java enabled in Opera. 
And finally I got my Help -> About Opera to show me that Java is 
installed . The results it shows me are

Version 9.00
Build 344
Platform Linux
System i686, 2.6.15-26-386
Qt library 3.3.6
Java Java Runtime Environment installed

Now when I go to the test java page of sun 
http://www.java.com/en/download/help/testvm.xml. It is not giving me the 
error that JRE is not installed but it shows a nice box. But I can not 
see the dancing duke logo there. It just shows be a box. I also tried 
the test applet from Opera for the analog clock. Even there I could not 
see the clock only a box is displayed.

Any inputs would be of great help.


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