Mounting removable drives

Michael Hirsch mdhirsch at
Wed Jul 26 05:38:06 UTC 2006


I am new to Kubuntu, but quite experienced with Linux.  I've recently
installed Kubuntu and am trying to get comfortable using it.  One
thing I can't figure out is how to get my compact flash and sd cards
to mount.

I am running Dapper on a dual opteron amd64 system with the smp
kernel.  I've run Mandriva on it for a year and all the hardware was
easily recognized.  I have a 6 in 1 reader that is recognized by
Bus 001 Device 002: ID 07cc:0301 Carry Computer Eng., Co., Ltd 6-in-1
Card Reader

When I stick in my compact flash or SD cards in the card reader, I
don't see any reaction.  I expected some sort of automount to happen,
maybe a window asking me what to do with it.  That didn't happen, so I
looked at /var/log/message to see what scsi drive appeared so I could
mount it by hand.  I expected to see messages about sdb being
recognized, but nothing at all happened in /var/log/messages or any
other log file.

What am I missing?  Clearly, something is wrong--I've never seen the
cards not recognized by the kernel before.



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