WPA in kubuntu

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Tue Jul 25 21:48:06 UTC 2006

  I think you are 100% correct.  I am not a Linux expert
but did OK with breezy because it automatically connected to my wireless. 
However I have not been
able to connect to my wireless with Dapper.  So, I am
faced with the decision of going back to Brezzy or
Win/XP.  I would like to get away from Windows.

JR Johnson
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> On 7/25/2006, "Carlos Barros" <barros001 at gmail.com> wrote:
>>I've installed knetworkmanager last night at home, but it just show me a
>>trayicon and a popup displaying something like: no devices found, and
>>some other useless buttons. I'm using a ndiswrapper driver, maybe this
>>can be a problem.
> My googling of this problem indicated that knetworkmanager does not
> support WPA, so I googled up howtos on wpa_supplicant and got that
> working. It also seemed that if it was done through knetworkmanager,
> you'd have no connectivity unless and until KDE was up, even if
> knetworkmanager did support WPA.
> While setting up wpa_supplicant, I sat there thinking "This is fine for
> somebody like me, who has been using Linux since 1998 and enjoys this
> sort of thing, but the point at which a newcomer to Linux might have
> given up and gone back to Windows was reached a long time ago."
> The rest of this is kind of a tangent, so if you're not interested, this
> would be a good time to stop reading. Unless, of course, you're a
> developer involved with implementing wireless in (K)ubuntu, in which
> case you really ought to keep reading :-)
> Honestly, setting up the wireless network is something that belongs in
> the *installer* not something a person should have to google about and
> set up from the command line.
> The installer should ask a few simple questions like "Do you use a
> wireless network?" "B or G?" "Security: WEP, WPA, none" and get
> that taken care of at the outset so that you can use wireless
> immediately. It should be able to grab the initial updates over
> wireless.  As more and more people go over to wireless-only networks,
> this is going to become a larger and larger issue. People are going to
> expect this functionality out of the box. Heck, I'm an old hand and a
> command-line lover whose favorite text editor is vi, and *I* even expect
> it out of the box. Wireless is something so central to many home and
> even office environments today that it should Just Work in (K)ubuntu.
> Best,
> Jonathan
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