a most annoying difference between Ubuntu Gnome & Kubuntu

Freddie Cash fcash-ml at sd73.bc.ca
Tue Jul 25 15:40:25 UTC 2006

On Tue, July 25, 2006 6:10 am, Orjan Sinclair wrote:
> Maybe someone can finally help me out on this one:
> For starters I prefer the KDE gui and the apps over Gnome. However, I
> have to work in windows domains quite often, served by W2003 servers.
> And here is my bone of contention:
> From Ubuntu I go to the network server. I get asked for my id &
> password. I supply them and sometimes "put them on the keyring". After
> that I can open documents, spreadsheets etc. straight from OpenOffice
> and other software without problems, edit and so forth and then save.

Note:  this will only work with GNOME-aware apps that use the GNOME
VFS.  Try accessing the share using a GNOME app like above, then
access the same file via KATE.  You won't be able to, as KATE is not a
GNOME VFS-using app.

> Now try this in Kubuntu. You get nicely asked again for
> username/password and you end up on whatever share you are going for.
> Try open a document from Oo
> or Koffice or whatever. "smb protocol only partially supported, a
> local copy will be created". And this is AFTER you figured out you
> must open from within Oo but using Konq dialogs (an option in Oo). Try
> clicking a file on the share directly and Oo will start, you will see
> the banner and then.... nothing.

Make sure you have smbfs installed.  After that, everything should
work correctly using the smb:/ IO_Slave in any KDE app.  You won't be
able to use smb:/ from within non-KDE apps (like OpenOffice).  (Same
problem as above.)

For the best possible SMB connection, usable across all applications
(GNOME, GTK, KDE, QT, X11, CLI, whatever), mount the SMB share to a
directory.  You can do this using GNOME tools, KDE tools (system:/),
CLI tools, whatever.  So long as you mount the share to an actual
directory on your local system.

It's the only method guaranteed to work with all apps.

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