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Tue Jul 25 00:00:14 UTC 2006

On Monday 24 July 2006 12:45 pm, guido dom wrote:
> Just tell me how to do that, please

> > Your Linksys should have an LPD port (Port 515?) running.  Set your
> > Ubuntu lpr to point to that.

At this point I would say you need to do some reading on setting up printers 
in Linux.  I'm not trying to be a smart alec and I'm not going to just 
say "RTFM", however it is a good idea to understand what folks are talking 

If you Click on the "K" (or system Menu) then "System Settings"  you'll find 
under the "Hardware" section an icon for "Printers".  If you click that 
you'll get a Dialog box titled "Printers - System Settings".  About 1/3 of 
the way from the top is a list of Options, "Add, Printer, Print Server, Print 
Manager, View, Documentation"
click the "Add" button and select "Add Printer / Class"

If you follow the dialog box / wizard that comes up you'll find its pretty 
easy to add the printer via the linksys print server.  After the first screen 
you're asked about the "Backend Selection" which means, "What kind of printer 
connection do you want to use".  The second option from the top is the one 
you want "Remote LPD queue".  Next you'll need to know the IP address or host 
name of the Linksys print server, and the name the print server gives the 
port or printer you are printing to.

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