Kubuntu 6.06 and file sharing (NFS) setup

Tez binary_y2k2 at blueyonder.co.uk
Mon Jul 24 20:04:27 UTC 2006

ac wrote:
> Tez wrote:
>> ac wrote:
>>> kubuntu 6.06 seems to have a menu led approach to this, but I am
>>> finding the final setup screen is greyed out and unavailable to me.
>>> Any ideas please?
>>> tia
>> Have yo installed the "nfs-kernel-server" package?
>> Tez
> I just looked. (In Kubuntu 6.06) there is no package like that being
> shown in add/remove programs even with the unsupported repositories
> included. I think I have the extra repos. included in the list ok.
> Should I be doing something else?
> thanks
It's in the main repo, did you look in adept/synaptic?
If you can't find it you should be able to go in to a console and type:
sudo apt-get install nfs-kernel-server

that should install it.


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