Pin priority of packages

Derek Broughton news at
Wed Jul 19 13:53:50 UTC 2006

John L Fjellstad wrote:

> John L Fjellstad <john-ubuntu at> writes:
>> Still, from what I gather from the apt_preferences man pages, given two
>> archives A and B, where A has priority 500 and B priority 900, and
>> package x has a higher version in archive A than archive B (and higher
>> version that the version installed), then the package should have been
>> upgraded.  It wasn't in my place.
> Never mind, I think my head is on vacation. Of course the packaging
> won't work like described above :)
LOL.  And remember, having one repo specified as the "default" raised its
priority.  I'm not sure it raised it higher than you had
pinned "dapper-security" but I _am_ sure that if you don't specify a
default, and don't specify pin priorities, then dapper is the same priority
as dapper-security and dapper-security will always have higher versions and
therefore get installed.

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