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I have configure the ppp interface and now I can access to the network from 
home (ADSL) or at the office (ethernet). 
I have still a strange problem: At the office I have a fix IP address 
X.X.X.122. When I am there I can access the department server with fix IP 
address X.X.X.121, but at home, I cannot access to this server. In fact, when 
I do a trace, it try to access via my X.X.X.122 interface.

On Monday 17 July 2006 07:22, John L Fjellstad wrote:
> Pascal Francq <pfrancq at> writes:
> > Hi,
> > I have a laptop with Kubuntu and I want to support multiple network
> > configurations:
> > - Normal lan connections for the office (which is actually recognize and
> > work).
> > - ADSL connection with a USB-based modem (I do not how to add this in the
> > network configuration interface).
> > Is there a tool that can recognize and install such a USB-based modem?
> Check out whereami.  I'm not sure how you could get adsl connection to
> work though (ADSL with USB based modem would use /etc/ppp/ to configure
> it).
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