good CD ripper for Kubuntu...

Ron ron_lisa1130 at
Fri Jul 14 03:06:27 UTC 2006

Well, for lack of a better ripper, I will stick with KAudioCreator.  They need 
to make a CDEX for Linux though :)

For some reason, I just had problems ripping that one CD.  I went into windows 
and ripped it fine.  Everything else has been ripping great in KDE.  Perhaps 
someone could tell me how to change the ripping quality for mp3's in 
KAudioCreator?  I have looked all over for a place to do it to no avail.  It 
seems to rip in 192, which is nearly CD quality, but I would like to play 
around with the quality a bit.  Thanks for the help.


On Wednesday 12 July 2006 2:06 pm, Mark A. Taff wrote:
> On Wednesday 12 July 2006 08:50, Ron wrote:
> I've ripped over a hundred cd's with KAudioCreator on Kubuntu 6.06, KDE
> 3.5.3.
> The only problems were with some cd's that were badly scratched or cracked,
> in one cas the data itself had been scratched away.  In most of those
> cases, ripping the cd in KAudioCreator on an old PII laptop did the trick. 
> The key here is use the oldest *CDROM* drive you can find, not a DVD drive.
> I suggest you uninstall, then reinstall: KAudioCreator, flac, libogg, and
> lame, then try again.
> HTH,
> Mark

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