Problems installing Kubuntu 6.06

Jose Reinaldo Rocha jreinaldo at
Thu Jul 13 22:45:00 UTC 2006

Only to register.

I solve the recognition of partitions by using the partitioner of Mandriva to rewrite the schema. I made small changes only to be sure that the new schema was rewritten.

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> On 09/07/06, Jose Reinaldo Rocha <jreinaldo at> wrote:
> > I have 2 HDs, each one with many partitions. When I try to 
> > install the Kubuntu in one of the partitions of the 1st HD the 
> > "qtparted" give me an error: "Critical error during 
> > ped_disk_new". It recongnizes well the partitions of the 2nd HD.
> > It's not a hardware problem because I don have problems with the 
> > Mandriva's partiotner.
> > If I by pass this error, I can choose the partitions to install 
> > it. But when I try to install I get the error "No root file 
> > system", even if I have the "/"(root) file system partition and 
> > the "swap" partition.
> > Does someone have a sugestion?
> > J.Reinaldo
> >
> When you mention qtparted, I assume that you are referring to the
> installer's built-in partitioning tool. While it _may_ be based upon
> qtparted, it's not qtparted. Does it dpescifically say "qtparted"? So
> far as I remember it does not.
> At what point of the installation do you get the "no root filesystem"?
> Is it right after the partitioning stage? If so, then for some reason
> it doesn't realize that you've defined a / partition. If it's later,
> then, well, WD has a nice 160 GB hard disk that I can personally
> recommend!
> Is there any information that you need to save on that disk? You may
> want to try to format it outside of the install disk, and see how that
> goes. In any case, you _should_ have backed anything important up.
> Which install disk are you using? The LiveCD or the Alternative? If
> you can, download and try to install the other. I personally had
> better luck with the Alternative install on a known-buggy machine. On
> my good machine, they both worked.
> Lastly, you might want to try to put / on the other HD. Just so you
> know, it doesn't matter if you install to hda or hdb- I've installed
> to both with equal success.
> Good luck.
> Dotan Cohen
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