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Ylan Segal ylan.segal at
Thu Jul 13 12:48:53 UTC 2006

The day before yesterday I installed Kubuntu to try KDE out. So far I am
pretty happy with it. The whole interface is much faster and responsive
than gnome. Especially the app that I am running through Crossover Office.

I have a few questions on behavior that I found in gnome and don't know
how to do in KDE.

1.- Startup commands.
How do I execute a command every time I start my KDE session? In gnome,
you can add it in System>Preferences>Sessions>Startup Programs. I tried
looking around the System Settings in KDE but couldn't find it.

2.- USB flash drive mounting.
When I connect my USB flash drive, both gnome and KDE mount it
automatically and show an icon on the desktop with the name of the
device (fat formatted). However, when gnome the drive was actually
mounted to /media/nameofdrive and in KDE it is mounted to /media/sdb1.
The reason I care is that I have some scripts that check for
/media/nameofdrive, and they now fail. Of course I could change them to
check for /media/sdb1 but then I have to be careful of first connecting
the USB flash drive, then the ipod, etc. Seems like half a solution to me.
[ I just thought about something: When I installed Kubuntu on top of my
Ubuntu, I also was prompted to install many security updates, among them
a new kernel Could this be the source of the new behavior
and not KDE?]

Thanks for the help,


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