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Ron ron_lisa1130 at
Wed Jul 12 01:29:56 UTC 2006

On Monday 10 July 2006 2:40 pm, Mark A. Taff wrote:
> On Sunday 09 July 2006 17:27, Ron wrote:
> > I know this is possible, but I am unsure how to go about implementing it.
> > I am leaving on vacation next week but there are a number of documents
> > that I have on my desktop computer that I would like to be able to access
> > while I am away.  I have Kubuntu6.06 with a home network set up using
> > Samba.  How do I configure Kubuntu to allow me to access those files from
> > outside of my home network?  I am guessing that I would have to, somehow,
> > set up my machine as an ftp server but how do I go about doing this and,
> > most importantly, how do I make it secure?
> Ron,
> For the simple case, use ssh as others have said.  If you want a more
> elegant and powerful solution, use NX.  With NX, you will be able to work
> in your normal linux desktop running on your normal machine, from any
> computer in the world that has an nx client installed and Internet access.

I was checking the nomachine NX website and agree that it looks pretty 
powerful.  I am confused on something, however.  It appears that the 
nomachine version of the server and client are both free, so why would I want 
to get freeNX?  Also, how would I go about setting it, freeNX or 
nomachineNX , on kubuntu?  Is there a good HowTo that I missed while 
googling?  Thanks for the help.

> NX clients are avaliable for all major platforms for free--I keep a version
> for each platform on a usb key I carry with me.
> HTH,
> Mark

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