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Tue Jul 11 23:36:19 UTC 2006

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Derek Broughton wrote:
> James Gray wrote:
>> Now, whenever you edit your file in Kdev, you simply save it, open a
>> command prompt, change to the same directory your assignment is in (Kdev
>> can do this right in the IDE) and type "make" and hit enter.  Voila!!
>> You now have an executable called "mycprog" in the same directory as the
>> source.
> Aw, come on - what's the use of an IDE that you need to go out to a command
> line to make the project?  I used to use KDevelop and had no such problems,
> but it's been years since I wrote a C program.  If that's what it's like
> now, I'll stick with Eclipse (which I'm already using for Python and Java,
> anyway).

Like I said earlier in the thread - you can edit the Kdev project file
and change it from using qmake to standard gmake+Makefiles.  Then in the
build menu you see all the targets defined in your project's Makefile.
The magic "F8" (IIRC) will trigger a "make" run using the default
target.  Whatever the magic button, Kdev will show you the compiler
output in a panel and if there's problems, clicking on the error/warning
in the panel takes you straight to the offending line of code in the
editor - very neat.

If you're happy to go through the whole "qmake" process, there's no need
to modify the project file by hand.

Bring back the "simple" project option which used to use Makefiles!

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