Compiling C in KDE

Mark A. Taff marktaff at
Tue Jul 11 03:20:41 UTC 2006

On Monday 10 July 2006 18:38, Marcus wrote:

> Using the text-based tools like Vi(m) or Emacs is a different world. They
> are very powerful, but I guess it's a matter of taste. Actually the Vi and
> Emacs folks are also in two separate camps, so there must be big
> differences. Emacs is like the kitchen sink, you can add all sorts of
> stuff. Some people live in Emacs and probably never venture onto a KDE or
> Gnome desktop at all. Can't you even run email and news through them? I
> wouldn't be  surprised if Emacs didn't have a web browser and coffee brewer
> extension :-)

Wow.  Now that's brave--broaching the subject of vi vs. emacs.  Where do we 
send the flowers?


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