monitor power saving

Orjan Sinclair o.sinclair at
Mon Jul 10 13:25:46 UTC 2006

Stupid - I had bookmarked the site but forgot... here is the link to the fix;

On Monday 10 July 2006 13:45, Christian Fröbel wrote:
> Hey Sinclair,
> > It is a bug in KDE 3.5.3 that breaks the powersaving and for some also/or
> > the
> > screensaver functions. I dont have the link but there is a fix. Go to
> > and search, there are several postings about this.
> thanks for the pointer. After searching the forums (and running in circles
> for half an hour) I think I finally found a fix. I'll try that when I'm
> back at home.
> As you already mentioned, it's an official KDE bug. I think the KDE guys
> fixed it now. Can someone tell when this fix will be available via the
> KDE-3.5.3-package archives? I'd rather wait a week or two for a fix than
> messing with the config files myself.
> thanks,
>   Christian
> > [...]

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