Adept appears locked - how can I fix it?

Scott Kitterman kubuntu at
Sat Jul 8 21:13:58 UTC 2006

On Saturday 08 July 2006 16:29, cliff1976 wrote:
> Somehow I've managed to convince Adept that the packaging database is
> constantly in use.  Even though it's not.  Even after a reboot (old windows
> habits die hard), it's still giving me this notice when I start it up:
> [dialog box]
> [title]Read Only mode:  Database Locked - Adept Manager[/title]
> [body]You will not be able to change your system settings in any way
> (install, remove or upgrade software), because another process is using the
> packaging system database (probably some other Adept application or apt-get
> or aptitude). Please close the other application before using this
> one.[/body]
> [/dialog box]
> Any ideas?  All tips appreciated.
I don't know if it will help or not, but what I would do if I were in your 
position is open a console (command line) and try:

sudo apt-get update

and see what happens.  It may solve your problem or it may give you more 
useful error messages.

Scott K

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