need help installing firefox

misha cabanski ibi_temp at
Fri Jul 7 16:13:33 UTC 2006

i'v recently installed KUBUNTU6.0.6, i'v got limited LINUX experience, but 
had a  bit of UNIX  back in the 70s and 80s. the basic commandLine stuff is 
coming back to me.

i seem to have the basics up and running, i'v got my USB ADSL modem up and 
running and my internet connection live.

i'm not too impressed with Konqueror (even though it shows realAudio player 
in the plugIns, it does'nt seem to work), i am keen to install firefox, 
which i prefer.  i downloaded firefox, extracted it into my home directory, 
where it created the firefox dir. i ran an install comand (using sudo), i 
don't remember the exact syntax, from a term window, and get an error about 
no firefox target?

iv also downloaded the flash media player7, extracted that onto my desktop, 
but can't seem to get any further with it. i'm most keen to listen to the 
BBC, onLine.

if anyone can give us a hand, it would be most appreciated, all the best, 
over and out!!

London E5

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