Mass convert MP3 to Ogg

Tez binary_y2k2 at
Fri Jul 7 08:02:33 UTC 2006

Serg B. wrote:
> This will not work if filename contain spaces in them. I will post a
> solution in few hours when I get home. I had exactly the same issue.
> On 07/07/06, Tez <binary_y2k2 at> wrote:
>> Small correction:
>> change
>> for b in $(find . -type f -name "*.$a";do
>> to
>> for b in $(find . -type f -name "*.$a");do
>> I left out the closing bracket.
>> Tez
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That's what the line "IFS=$'\n'" is for, that changes the internal field
separator to a new line only.
I have tested the script on files with spaces and it dose work.


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