Mass convert MP3 to Ogg

Raphaël Pinson raphink at
Fri Jul 7 05:16:01 UTC 2006

Hi Scott,

You can try audiokonverter as a graphical tool to do that. It works pretty 
well, although it takes some time since it has to decode then recode each 

Good luck


Le vendredi 7 juillet 2006 05:21, Scott a écrit :
> Hi,
>     amaroK seem to crash after playing 2 to 3 Mp3 or .wma files, so I
> want to convert my collection to Ogg.  amaroK seems to be more
> dependable with ogg.  So, to do this I will need to convert all my
> music.  Does anyone know a good way to do this?
> --
> Your friend,
> Scott
> EnGarde! Death with Honour

Raphaël Pinson
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