Kubuntu 6.06

Joe Hart j.hart at hccnet.nl
Thu Jul 6 20:34:15 UTC 2006

Maurice O'Connor wrote:
> I have a disk from Ship It (version 6.06 LTS for PC). The computer I
> want to install it on is a Compaq Presario.  There is 3 other OS
> installed.  Unfortunately I have to add acpi=off to the boot command.  I
> have tried all the items presented on the boot menu and I have tried to
> add the parameter acpi=off in as many ways that I, with my limited
> knowledge, can think of.  I wish there was a boot prompt.  Can anyone
> help? TIA
If you can get the PC to boot kubuntu, you can edit the file 
/boot/grub/menu.lst and add that to the line for the kernel.  For the 
live CD, take a look at the boot options. 

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