Using epson/hp tools in kde-systemsettings

Felipe Figueiredo philsf at
Thu Jul 6 17:37:26 UTC 2006


I have successfully configured an HP printer with HPLIP, in System Settomgs / 
Printers, but have a tricky question.

There's an option in the printer's menu, under "Printers Tools", which opens 
some "ESPON Ink Jet" toolbox. However I would like to include (or maybe 
substitute it) HP's hp-toolbox, which suits my device.

I can't find out, by ps [x|xf|ef|aux], and top, what exactly is that epson 
application. I understand it's run by 'systemsettings' (part of 
kde-systemsettings package), but can't find out how it opens external tool 


1- apt-cache search epson returns little information, including pkg 'escputil' 
which is NOT installed
2- grep -ri epson /etc/* returns nothing interesting
3- there is no useful documentation for kde-systemsettings

Does anybody have information on how to configure this package? In fact, 
googling suggests this package is ubuntu-exclusive (at least for now). It's 
very nice, easy and effective, but little more documentation would also come 
in hand.

thanks in advance

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