v6.06 CD installation problems

marc gmane at auxbuss.com
Thu Jul 6 16:29:42 UTC 2006


I already run Debian servers and Kubuntu - dual-booting with XP - on a 
laptop and a desktop.

I've just tried to install the latest Kubuntu CD on a laptop and have a 
few comments and issues.

First, the installation process only being possible from within a Live 
CD boot is strange and a bit tedious. Why is there no install option 
from the menu after booting?

Next, the disk setup process needs clearer descriptions to cover the 
options. I had no problem doing a DIY, since I wanted to use an unused 
Debian partition, but had I not known what I was being asked, then I 
doubt that I could have understood it from the scribblings.

During the installation, at the 'Ready to install' stage, a message box 
appears saying 'Scanning the mirror'. Some explanation might be useful 
at this point. In any case, this step never got beyond 1%, and there are 
no options present to cancel it. After a while I closed the box, at 
which point, the only option is to cancel the installation - which is 
kind of discouraging, since no feedback regarding any problem was 

So, all in all, a bit of a non-event, particularly when compared to my 
previous installations of Ubuntu, which were all non-events because they 
just worked.

Nevertheless, I restarted the installation. The dialogue doesn't 
remember the machine name, which is not cool, since it remembers other 
info. Overlooking this would be a royal pain, since you'd likely end up 
with an unwanted machine name, and probably have to scrub the install 
and start again.

The same 'Scanning the mirror' box appeared and sat at 1% - I presume 
that it wants an Internet connection, but nothing appeared to indicate 
or request this.

So, what's the trick to install Kubuntu from the CD?


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