kubuntu dapper screensavers problem

Joe Hart j.hart at hccnet.nl
Thu Jul 6 12:17:18 UTC 2006

Donatas G. wrote:
> I have a strange problem on my kubuntu dapper - I can preview screensavers in 
> System Settings, they seem to be functional, but they do not start after the 
> set period of inactivity. They do not start at all. 
> Has anyone encountered this problem?
Most likely you're running kde 3.5.3.  This is a known bug with 
Kubuntu.  If you run Edgy, you don't have this problem because the KDE 
3.5.3 in edgy is fixed.  Unfortunately nobody wants to do a backport or 
even include 3.5.3 in the ubuntu repositories for dapper.

To fix the problem, see this thread 

This will lead you do downloading a file and replacing the file 
containing the bug.

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