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Thu Jul 6 04:03:28 UTC 2006

> Tez wrote:
> > Matthew Kuiken wrote:
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> >> Just a little FYI, I'll assume you are using the CDs from Ship-it. 
> >> The Ship-it CDs are desktop CDs.  They contain a lot of the packages
> >> in compressed form in the squash-fs file system.  As such, IIUC, most
> >> of those packages are not available as real packages to apt.  This
> >> makes the desktop CD quite a bit less useful as an upgrade CD for an
> >> existing installation.  If you really want an upgrade CD, the
> >> alternate install CD would be *much* better.
> >>
> >> -Matt
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> >>
> >>     
> > The desktop CD's do have a complete apt repository on them as well as a
> > squash-fs file with the packages "installed" so you can use the "desktop
> > cd" as an apt cdrom just as well as the alternative cd.
> >   
> This is how I understand it, so I could be wrong, but the packages that 
> are "installed" for use in the live CD are not really there as normal 
> packages.  Ubiquity copies the files out of the squashfs file in order 
> to save space on the CD.  Since these files are accessed in a way that 
> apt normally doesn't work, the packages in question are not available to 
> apt.  The repository on the CD is for packages that are not used by the 
> live session, but that are considered important enough to have along, 
> such as the build-essential package and dependencies.  If I am correct, 
> this means that most of the packages that need upgrading are probably 
> not really there on the CD, as they are used by the live session.
> I got the impression of this being the way the installer works because 
> of the discussions on build-essential on the devel list, so I hope 
> someone will correct me if this is not true.
> -Matt
Well that matches what I'm seeing...
It'll be about 3 days before my system is usable again at this rate of download.
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