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Jeremy Davis phasegen at
Wed Jul 5 17:29:11 UTC 2006

I found several issues with the dapper install cd that encouraged me to stay
with breezy.  I worked with my laptop, since it's not my primary machine.
It's a Dell Inspiron 1100.  I have a single PCMCIA slot that I swap a
wireless card and modem in.  I had a friend download the image and burn it,
the "check disk for errors" option said the disk had zero errors, checked on
two different machines, desktop and the laptop in question.
*1st install* - Belkin wireless card, which worked under breezy, no longer
*2nd install* - With wireless card in this time to hopefully get detected
and work???  No joy, and this time firefox and all things mozilla, would not
install, and would not for any reason recognize my modem card.  Tried shared
connection to net via lan and it wouldn't connect to get updates at all,
though konqueror could visit google and cnn.
*3rd install* - Threw dapper disk in the trash can.  Grabbed breezy disk.
Install went well, copied personal apt repository from external hd and
updated on the fly and configured in less than an hour.  Modem card and
wireless card work flawlessly.  I am not impressed with the new installer,
and unless I can find a better way to install than live cd, I'll have to
switch to another distro.  This was worse than the knoppix installer.
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