Installing from CD

Tez binary_y2k2 at
Wed Jul 5 05:40:15 UTC 2006

Matthew Kuiken wrote:
> gabrielle harrison and Paul van den Bergen wrote:
>> Hi all,
>> I'm wondering why there is no clear upgrade from previous
>> installation option on the CD?
>> I tried to install from the CD last night... *shudder*. Granted it
>> was too late at night and there was substantial
>> PEBKAC.  My main problem was assuming the upgrade path would be
>> obvious, but every path seemed to want to either ignore the CD or
>> write over the existing system.
>> When I finally gave up and RTFM - well, googled for upgrade from CD -
>> try it and see how long it takes to find the right page - I still
>> couldn't make sense of the instructions...
>> It's OK now.. I wisely abandoned the machine over night. Now I can
>> see what is required.
>> Still, it seems awfully awkward way to do an upgrade...
>> Heres what it looks like from my point of view.
>> 1) decide to wait for the CD in the mail because you have dialup
>> 2) work out how to back up your system - don't ask.
>> 3) try and install by booting from the CD - no (obvious) upgrade option
>> 4) try upgrading from the Update Manager - fine, but ignores the CD.
>> 5) search for the method on the ubuntu site - kinda lost for a
>> while... then it turns out all I really need to do is add the CD
>> using apt-cdrom add....
>> so the question is, if the only additional step to upgrading using
>> the CD is that one action, why was it not paert of the standard CD
>> install options?
>> Yes, I know I'm whining... but I'm acting like a windows user for the
>> sake of making a point...
> Just a little FYI, I'll assume you are using the CDs from Ship-it. 
> The Ship-it CDs are desktop CDs.  They contain a lot of the packages
> in compressed form in the squash-fs file system.  As such, IIUC, most
> of those packages are not available as real packages to apt.  This
> makes the desktop CD quite a bit less useful as an upgrade CD for an
> existing installation.  If you really want an upgrade CD, the
> alternate install CD would be *much* better.
> -Matt
The desktop CD's do have a complete apt repository on them as well as a
squash-fs file with the packages "installed" so you can use the "desktop
cd" as an apt cdrom just as well as the alternative cd.


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