problems configuring HP printer

Felipe Figueiredo philsf at
Tue Jul 4 02:01:44 UTC 2006


I am having some serious problem in configuring my HP OfficeJet 4225 printer 
in linux, the problem being it doesn't use black ink when printing.

My (3-)color ink has almost died on testings, and I just got a brand new 
(original hp) black cartrigde, but it onlye prints in faint (almost 
vanishing) yellow. 

This same thing happened to me previously to installing kubuntu, both with 
Debian Sarge, and Etch (both up to date). I still have an (up to date) Etch, 
and a Windows XP for testings on a separate PC. Printing is fine on windows, 
which probably excludes hardware problems.

Facts: in this kubuntu I firstly tried the traditional way of configuring the 
printer with the main tool (which I supose to be a front-end to kprint), with 
HPLIP from kubuntu dapper. The PC correctly finds the USB printer, and 
creates the hp:// CUPS backend. HPs tool programs seems to work just fine, 
showing ink levels and managing queues and jobs. It's just the black ink that 
don't come out... I then tried purging all hplip packages, and compiling the 
last version (1.6.6), following step by step the instructions. Same result.

On, this model (actually 4200) reports as working "mostly", 
but it should mean IMHO that it could print with basic color cartridge. I 
don't need photo quality. On that site there is a report that it worked out 
of the box on a Mandriva linux, so it should work somehow. I just can't find 
out how.

Any suggestions?


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