Make and C compiler

claydoh claydoh at
Mon Jul 3 00:51:59 UTC 2006

On Sunday 02 July 2006 9:30 pm, Rafael Alexandre Schmitt wrote:
> Em Domingo 02 Julho 2006 13:49, Asima Abhishek escreveu:
> > I just installed the kubuntu on my computer and I do not see any 'make'
> application on it. I tried to install GNU make but that requires a C
> compiler and I do not see (so does the make's configure script) any C
> compiler also. To install a C compiler I need the 'make' and to install the
> 'make' I need a C compiler and both are not there.
> Maybe sudo apt-get install gcc will help you.
> --
> Rafael Alexandre Schmitt
> Blumenau - Santa Catarina

I would suggest installing the package 'build-essential' as it will install 
gcc and various other necessary tools as well.

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