Kwallet not cooperating with Kmail

Andreas Ruppen andreas.ruppen at
Sun Jul 2 23:02:43 UTC 2006

> And although I didn't close the 
> Kwallet window, the entry disappears! Completely reproducible, I did
> it four times.
> Why are the entries disappearing?
Did you checked the box save password in the account configuartion of kmail?
If not check this box, check mail, enter password, if kdewallet pop up say
yes and then look if you now have an entry in the kdewallet for this

you can also look at the file /home/rua/.kde/share/config/kmailrc if there
is something with kdewallet or password

I know that if your are browsing web pages and say don't store a password
you find this page appended in
the /home/rua/.kde/apps/khtml/formcompletions
maybe if you do in your .kde directory
grep -l id-of-your-account *
this will show you that your account is blacklisted somewhere (try email,
user-name or id e.t.c for "id-of-your-account")

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