Dapper Dan & Grub

Richard E. Barmann reb68 at bellsouth.net
Sun Jul 2 16:52:49 UTC 2006

I tried to install Dappar Dan with the cd's I received but it kept crashing. I 
then download another iso file and burned it and did an install with no 
problem. Now I am trying again to configure Grub to boot either linux or 
WindowsXP.' In media I show a file "hdb1" which contains windows. and "hda3".
The following is the disc setup after I made the partitions and installed 
Dapper Dan. I think I have my data on the  "hda3" partition'

Disc 20G
	1 Partition 18.4	/media/hdb1 ntfs	/dev/hdb1 enabled Windows?
	2 Partition 1 kb					/dev/hdb2
	3 Partition 723.5 Mb					/dev/hdb5
Disc 80G
	1 Partition 43.1 Gb 	/		    ext3	/dev/hda1 Emabled Linux?
	2 Partition 716.1 Mb					/dev/hda2
	3 Partition 30.0 Gb	/media/hda3 ext3	/dev/hda3 Enabled Data?
	4 Partition 1 Kb					/dev/hda4
	5 Partition 729.5 Mb		none   swap	/dev/hda5 Enabled
I am confused by partitions and may have messed them up. I believe the Windows 
in on hdb1 and linux/Dapper Dan is on hda1. hda3 should have the data that I 
am trying to save but I cannot access it. Any help is appreciated and needed. 
Thank You Dick Barmann

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