ISP wants a windows machine to check connection

Dotan Cohen dotancohen at
Sun Jul 2 13:52:55 UTC 2006

I find that my internet connections are very slow, despite the fact
that I can "speed test" my conection very near to the 1500 kbps that
I'm paying for. When I ping google, I have about 80% packet loss, and
the packets take 200-300 ms to come back.

My ISP (Actcom) says that it's the infrastutures' fault (Hot). Hot
says that there is nothing wrong on their end, and that my computer or
router are to blame. They have some tool to check it, but it runs on
windows computers only. Until I do that, they say that they can't help
me because they see nothing wrong with their equiptment.

How can I check out the problem for myself? How can I know which
component is dropping the packets? What can I do? I'm on Dapper Drake
on an AMD Duron processor with 512MB RAM, if that matters.


Dotan Cohen

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