Török Árpád torar at
Mon Jan 30 18:17:13 GMT 2006

I see that anI BM Thinkpad-user is on-line, so I would like to rise my 
stupid question. (I have not too much practice in Linux, so may be it is 
not a Kubunu related issue.)

I am trying to start the sound system under Kubuntu. I have read, that 
before seting up any Thinkpad programmes, like configure-thinkpad, 
thinkpad_b, tpb, tpctl or tp_smapi, I have to start a module named 
nvram. I have checked the whole system and found no trace to nvram among 
the modules available. Searching on on the net nvram, it gives no clue.

What to do? I have to apt-get something? An older kernel woud do? (2.2, 
2.4 has this modul, or what?)

Arpad Torok

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