automatix-kubuntu-x.x-x_i386.deb [SOLVED]

C Hamel yogich at
Wed Jan 25 19:50:40 GMT 2006

I decided another installation was in order ...and this time 'apt-get install 
[filename]' worked as expected w/the sources list built from the web site.  
Also, automatix installed w/o much problem (except zenity, et. al., are 
required contrary to what the non-defunct thread suggests --if I read 
properly) and is as I write this downloading various pkgs I need for this 
distro to be able to serve me as the last two did.

Why change...?  Cuz it's there, that's why.  Kubuntu came fairly highly 
recommended by a network admin I know.  He mentioned it on more than one 
occasion and he [formerly] was a Red Hat user so I was impressed with the two 
mentions.  I will see how it goes.  Thank you for the help, so far.

Question: I note that the forum seems not all that busy.  Are most people 
using the web site forums?  I am impressed with the fast answers, so far.  
Thanks, again.


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