trouble building help index

federico ouch.doh at
Sat Jan 21 18:29:34 GMT 2006

On Saturday 21 January 2006 13:57, Art Alexion wrote: 
Art Alexion escribió:
> It not only seems to work, but now the manuals that weren't searchable
> nor accessible are there.

Happy to help as time permits :-)

Now, shouldn't we file this as a bug? 
Shouldn't khelpcenter package depend on htdig then?
I also noticed that in this package there are some 
perl scripts that handle htdig indexing and searching;
in line 117 of file:


there is a :
print STDERR "htdig failed\n";

At least it should be something along the lines of

print STDERR "htdig failed\n Please install htdig package to make use of this 

Oh, well, now I must remember my account in launchpad or whatever ... ;-)
I am marking this mail as a TODO.



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