Screen Resolution Question

Derek Broughton news at
Thu Jan 19 15:28:43 GMT 2006

Eric B wrote:

>>sudo dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg
>>should re-configure your card to something better.
> Hmm,  I tried it...  dpkg-reconfigure properly recognizes my video
> card <ATI Radeon 7000>, my monitor <Daewoo 707B 17"> and allows me to
> state that I want to use 1280x1024 as one of my resolution options.
> However, I reboot, log back into the machine and KDE...and it's still
> at 640x480 and no other options available through the Desktop Manager
> widget.

Your KDE desktop will always come up in the mode _first_ specified in the
xorg.conf (or X86Config*) file.

For instance, mine is set to:

        Modes           "1280x800" "1024x768"

and comes up in 1280x800, but I can select 1024x768 if I wish.  If I set it

        Modes           "1024x768" "1280x800" 

it will always start in 1024x768 mode.

aiui, Gnome has the ability to remember the desktop setting, but KDE

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