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Mon Jan 16 21:57:34 GMT 2006

On Monday 16 Jan 2006 16:21, Jose Medeiros wrote:

> Quick question for all you Linux and KDE Guru's. I installed Ubuntu
> on my AMD 64 CPU using 5.10 and I am trying to add the KDE desktop
> using the following commands, any ideas why it is not finding the
> correct package?

As others have said, you need to uncomment the universe repositories in 
your sources.list and then apt-get will find it.

My advice is to be sure you've got aptitude and use that instead of 
apt-get, but that's only my preference (at one time Debian said that 
aptitude handled dependencies better than apt-get, but you can always 
use apt-get instead of aptitude in the following).

This is what I'd do (in a terminal):

sudo aptitude update
sudo aptitude kdebase kde
sudo aptitude kubuntu-desktop

which should give you a full KDE system, but check through synaptic if 
there's anything you want that isn't installed (I find I have to 
manually install Koffice) and the British international language pack.

Stay with it as its installed because you are generally asked to 
indicate which desktop manager you want.  By default, gdm is installed 
as its the Gnome desktop manager, but I find that kdm (the KDE desktop 
manager is better if your regular desktop is KDE.

Don't forget to run Kappfinder afterwards, then do:

sudo aptitude upgrade


sudo aptitude dist-upgrade

neither of which should be necessary but they'll install any updated 

Old Rocker

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