What's a "Desktop?"

Merv Curley mcurley at eol.ca
Sat Jan 14 19:16:54 GMT 2006

On Saturday 14 January 2006 11:59, bruce wrote:
> Thanks for the help, Kelly.  It wasn't the filesystem I didn't
> need.  I was objecting to the name "Filesystem" appearing when I
> wanted to save a file.  Of course it would be saved in the
> filesystem.  Probably in my home directory somewhere.  Probably not
> on my desktop, although if I save to desktop, I see that it puts an
> icon on my desktop.  That might be useful, but if I want to grep -i
> "charlie" from that file, where is it?
> I guess I'd better get used to it.
> bruce

Remember the Desktop directory is displayed on your screen,  if you 
you have created several visual desktops,  they will  all use that 
file to show the starting visual desktop.  I would suggest that you 
never save anything to that directory,  find a file directory that 
makes sense.  Some people like to have lots of icons on their 
desktop, others just a few.  You might want to make an entry for your  
Documents directory  if you use that a lot. 

The KDE 'save file' and 'open file' dialogue does not stop you from 
saving or opening a file anywhere you choose in the filesystem.  I 
store all downloaded files onto a separate mounted partion for 
example.  You must have noticed the up arrow which will take you to 
the root of the filesystem and then where ever you want to save or 
open a file. 

I don't recall the word 'filesystem' ever appearing in the open or 
save dialog but then I have a rather short memory.  It certainly 
isn't there in Kate, I just looked.

I am sure that over the next while when using Linux other things will 
rub you the wrong way.  I don't like Red Hat  or Fedora anymore and I 
keep looking for the perfect Distro.  Of course that will never 
happen but right now it is a toss up between Kubuntu and SuSE. 

Have fun        

Merv Curley
Toronto, Ont.Can

Linux    Suse 10
KDE    v. 3.4.2
Kontact  v. 1.1.2

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