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Kelly L. Fulks kfulks at
Wed Jan 11 18:55:24 GMT 2006

Martin J Hooper wrote:
> I am wanting to set up a multi-head system using a ATI Radeon 9800 Pro 
> which has dual monitor connections.
> Have downloaded and printed out the "Using Xinerama to Multihead 
> XFree86v4+" howto from but last time I tried it I couldn't get 
> it to work.
> Is there newer more up to date documentation on how to set this up?
> I'm assuming that there is more up to date information out there seeing 
> the date on the document is 2002.


I looked into this a while back.  My setup was a little bit different 
than you are however.  I am using NVidia to do my MutliHead.  It seems 
that Xinerama and graphics acceleration are mutually exclusive.  You can 
get acceleration by setting the two heads up as separate desktops, but 
that only gives you the ability to view two apps at the same time, not 
to run one app bigger.  You also can't move apps between the two heads.

NVidia provides TwinView which takes care of this for you and allows for 
acceleration.  Thus you can have acceleration across multiple heads, but 
only if they are on the same card.  For right now, I opted for the two 
desktops as that fit me needs better as I was using a monitor and a TV 
(on the NVidia TV-Out port).  I would be happy to share my xorg.conf but 
it is on my system at home.  I will try to remember and post the 
important parts tonight when I finally get back to that system.

Kelly L. Fulks
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near Huntsville, AL

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