KDE 3.5 upgrade packages broken issue

Eddie Torres veloct at veloct.net
Sat Jan 7 13:56:46 GMT 2006

David A' Rebel wrote:
> On Saturday 07 January 2006 14:20, Old Rocker wrote:
>> On Friday 06 Jan 2006 01:08, A. Clark wrote:
>>> Did my first install of kubuntu yesterday, and today found that all
>>> did not go well with the kde 3.5 upgrade (as others have
>>> reported...).
>> Agree...I add my voice to the others...
>   Well I add my voice to the contrary,,,no problems whatsoever...I don't use 
> aptitude..I use apt-get most of the time and sometimes synaptic (yes I know 
> it's a gnome app) but it leaves kynaptic for dead. Running kde 3.5 very 
> happily as you can see from the headers, I don't use kdepim much but do havew 
> it installed and had no dependency probs. I do have all the repositories 
> enabled universe, multiverse, backports etc enabled but supposedly so has the 
> OP.
I use Kpackage, it does a good job with dependencies also. I gave up 
synaptic once I switched to KDE.

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