KDE 3.5 upgrade packages broken issue

Old Rocker old.rocker at blueyonder.co.uk
Sat Jan 7 01:20:38 GMT 2006

On Friday 06 Jan 2006 01:08, A. Clark wrote:

> Did my first install of kubuntu yesterday, and today found that all
> did not go well with the kde 3.5 upgrade (as others have
> reported...).

Agree...I add my voice to the others...

> The area that I had problems with was with everything relating to
> kdepim.  Turns out that you have to have the breezy universe
> component enabled in the repositories, otherwise libgnokii2, which is
> depended upon by kaddressbook, will not be found and installed.

Again I agree but there were some anomalies that aptitude found, and 
even after clearing the aptitude cache, removing the repository for KDE 
3.5 from the sources.list and doing an update, I still couldn't install 
kubuntu-desktop (I'm running Ubuntu upgraded to KDE with 
kubuntu-desktop).  I had to install other items to get kubuntu-desktop 
up, but now I find my settings in Konqueror have been wiped out....

> What's kind of disappointing is that Adept can't provide this
> information... maybe it's too young yet, I'm not sure... but rather
> than telling me something's simply "broken", a simple why would
> probably help many out (including providing information for the
> developers/packagers) in these situations.  *shrug*

I like to use aptitude, because at one time Debian said it handled 
dependencies better that apt-get or Synaptic (don't know if that's 
still true, but it *feels* like it), but there was too much broken for 
an easy return to KDE 3.4.3.  It gave me a great deal of information, 
but I still couldn't get the system the way it was.


Old Rocker

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