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bruce wrote:

>I, too have been having a setup problem with an HP printer, the psc1315.
>I go through all the installation:
>install python-dev
>install libsnmp5-dev
>install libcupsys2-dev
>install python-qt3
>install lsb
>Install hplip - then:
># /etc/init.d/hplip restart
># /etc/init.d/cups restart
>Everything looks good so far.  Then
>http://localhost:631 brings up the cups page, and shows the psc1315 as 
>default printer and the instruction  "If you are asked for a username 
>and password, enter your login username and password or the "root" 
>username and password."
>The  password box has a default username of "cupsys."  if I change the 
>name to my username of root and user the appropriate password it fails.
>The printer will accept print jobs, but they just pile up in a queue and 
>can't even be canceled or removed.
>Of course the printer works with windows.
>sure would appreciate some help.
Here's my setup:

HP DeskJet 820C Foomatic/pnm2ppa (recommended)
Description: DeskJet-820C
URI: ipp://rodney(localhost):631/printers/DeskJet-820C
Printer State: idle, accepting jobs.
Device URI: parallel:/dev/lp0

If you don't want to use the kde tool to set it up fire up konqueror, go
to http://localhost:631 where you get a nice interface for configuring
CUPS printers.

Now that this has come up, I remember previous discussions/complaints
that the foomatic drivers were the only ones that worked and that they
weren't installed by default.  Download them if you have to.


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