Bluetooth Dongle Stops boot??

Andrew Otte otte at
Sun Jan 1 02:26:11 GMT 2006

Tried the ubuntu list and got no reply so will try here.
Am a bit of a newbie and are being driven crazy by my MS bluetooth mouse and 
dongle on kubuntu breezy.
To get the mouse scrolling had to apply a bluez patch to a vanilla kernel 
( and build.  After much fiddling it works.  But now I have 
intermittent hangs at boot time.  When the splash screen is on it stops at 
the loading modules stage and sometimes turns to a blank screen.
When splash is off it stops at 
usb 1-2.3: new full speed USB device using ohci_hcd and address 5
and sometimes
usb 1-2.2: device descriptor read/all, error -110
I discovered if I unplug the dongle it boots every time.  Then after the 
modules say they have loaded I plug it back in and all works fine.

So what do I have to do to stop this?
Can I switch something off so that the dongle isn't probed at boot time?
Any help appreciated.
Andrew Otte
Laildey, Queensland
otte at

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