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James Gray james at grayonline.id.au
Sun Feb 26 21:37:12 UTC 2006

On Sunday 26 February 2006 15:18, gabe wrote:
> oh what a balls-up. Like I said in my first email the drop down list of
> sizes in Kcontrol and System Settings had gone blank, and when I clicked
> the RESET button at the bottom the app crashed. Before I reinstalled I
> deleted .kde in /home and this fixed the problem but also removed all my
> apps settings and config, so I went about restoring the essentials from the
> Trash. After about 30 mins of narking around it was back the way I wanted.
> Seriously though, these kind of things shouldn't be a consequence of
> adjusting the icon size, this is some glitch/bug, hope it's eliminated in
> KDE 3.5.1. Even MS Windows doesn't get its pants twisted this bad from
> changing a theme or something.

Hi Gabe,

I agree but you need to understand what happened.  Not ALL icons are available 
in ALL sizes.  Have a look through /usr/share/icons and you'll see what I 

I wrote a script a long time ago (and have subsequently lost) that re-scaled 
the nearest available size to the missing size for all icon sets 
in /usr/share/icons.  This meant I could set any icon size I wanted and KNEW 
all icons would be available.

You can script something yourself if you want to.  Install the "imagemagick" 
package (sudo apt-get install imagemagick) and then "man convert".  Add some 
"find" commands, a dash of "sed" and "awk" wrap it all up in "bash" and be 
prepared for some pain.

If enough people beg me, I might find the time to recreate the script :)


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