changing/adding menu items

Lucia Sanchez lu at
Sun Feb 12 07:26:18 UTC 2006

Bryann Melvin wrote:
> I recently added  kubuntu-desktop to my breezy computer as I prefer KDE
> over Gnome.
> I do seem to have an irritating problem however:
> I have tried to add menu items. In particular Abiword for an example. I
> have tried several times to add things to the menu, but although
> preferences and system settings lets me ADD the item, it doesn't take
> and the item never actually gets added to the menu. I can't think of
> what I'm missing, I've done this many a time in my OLD SuSE
> installation. It Doesn't seem to be working in Kubuntu.

Try using kmenuedit to add / modify your menu, if you haven't already.

 I will live forever or die trying.
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